Welcome to the Kitchen Pull Out Spray Faucet Guide!

The word faucet is easily interchanged with spigot and tap, but most commonly used to describe the "visual" part that delivers your hot and cold water.  Faucets can consist of several different components such as the spout, handles, and lift rod.  When handles are turned on, a valve opens and controls the water temperature and flow.

Since there is a large range of pricing for kitchen faucets, if you are in the market for a new kitchen faucet, your first step should be to look at what you currently have and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you use a sprayer frequently?
  • How much do you cook and make use of your sink and faucet?
  • Do you like the faucet you currently have? If not, what is missing?

In asking yourself these simple questions, you make your choice much easier and you get the options you have been missing.  In the past few years, Spray Faucets have become very popular.  Not only do they save space, but they are pleasing to the eye and "bundle" the regular faucet and spray feature into one unit.  No more need for the side sprayer!

There are a couple of different types of Spray Faucets:

  • Pullout - Pull out sprayers offer a side spray that looks like a one piece faucet
  • Pull down - Pull Down faucets are the most common because you can adust the flow of the water by choosing spray or aerated.  In addition, they usually have another setting for intense cleaning for baked on messes.

Regardless of which Spray Faucet you choose, remember that the biggest benefit is that they are much more effiecient and you are bound to save money over the long haul!

Installing a Kitchen Faucet