Pull out spray faucets represent a revolution in functionality for the average kitchen sink, or any sink that employs one. Many household and personal tasks are simplified with their use. Here are just 3 reasons every kitchen needs a pull out spray faucet, though as soon as you install one you’ll begin to add reasons to the list.

First, they make rinsing large pans much easier. After you get a large roasting pan washed you’ve undoubtedly had the experience of rotating the pan around to make sure that every inch of it gets rinsed under the fixed faucet. Meanwhile, the water is running off onto the counter, your pants, or the floor. It’s a real hassle! With a pull out spray faucet, the pan rests in the sink while you rinse it effectively and without mess, since you can always direct the spray back towards the sink. Clean up gets much, much easier with one of these innovative kitchen tools!

Secondly, the need for a separate side sprayer is eliminated. All the tasks you used it for can know be accomplished by the pull out spray faucet, and much better, too, since the water output is greater than with most side sprayers. Rinsing fruits and vegetables in a colander is quick and easy, and so is removing the soap from hand-washed items like mixing bowls, serving spoons, crystal ware, and anything that doesn’t go in the dishwasher.

Thirdly, personal grooming has never been easier. You’ll save time and energy by washing your hair or a child’s hair in the kitchen without having to resort to an entire shower. Do you have a newborn that needs a bath? With the foam insert supports used for sinks, the pull out spray faucet makes the task a pleasure for both parent and baby, too!

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